From the Beginning...

Pendi Jewelry started as a simple visit to a local bead store at the end of 2018. I was amazed by the shapes, colors, and endless possibilities in the three overstuffed rooms in this local business. There were beads and bead paraphernalia literally everywhere; hanging on walls, laying on tables, stuffed in drawers; yet there was some sort of organization to the bead chaos. I was mesmerized! 

As it was my first experience in this store, the woman working behind the counter gave me a quick lesson in the rules of the bead reserve. The process is really fun! You carry a tray with a pen and tiny zip-lock bags around with you. When you find something you want you write the cost on the bag and place your loot inside. You’d be surprised how fast the price of 5-cent beads can add up! 

I was also told about beading and jewelry making classes they offer each week and registered for one on the following weekend. Just when I thought there was nothing better than my new found favorite hangout, I attended a class and then another one, and another one… 

Once I started making pieces on my own, I quickly realized I could never wear them all myself. Although friends started requesting pieces and I was happy to comply, I found myself with an abundance of handmade jewelry, and Pendi Jewelry was created! 

Our Story

This is Pendi! Paul + Mendi. Get it? Hey, it's better than Maul!