Whatcha Been Doin'???

Whatcha Been Doin'???

We made it through another Holiday season and our children were just starting to settle back into their school year when Corona came out of nowhere and hit us head on! Needless to say, this global pandemic has been hard on us all! Our usual routines were laughed at and, for some of us, our sanity was threatened. Parents unwillingly became teachers; lovers reluctantly became coworkers; and we all got a little bored from time to time. That leads me to my question... What have you been doing during this time; besides constantly cleaning commonly touched surfaces and navigating your way through the grocery store while maintaining a new socially accepted distance?

Have you become a gourmet chef to the family because you have now mastered the art of cooking thanks to YouTube videos? 

Have you knitted enough yarn to provide a handmade umbrella for Texas? It might not be a perfectly symmetrical umbrella, but it was made with love, damn it!

Have you caught up on you; become a better you; or discovered something about yourself you didn't even know? 

I guess it's a little obvious what I've been doing in my socially distancing time (welcome to my website), but I want to know what you all have been doing to keep yourself, your family, and your pets sane during this time. Let us know by commenting here!